about us2

This blog is about two different but very close friends who decided to share their passion about Fashion & Food. The name “Chocolate and Vanilla SOLES” stands for both these ideas as well as our individual appearances. Our different looks and styles are what will enrich our fashion section because everyone will be able to relate themselves to either one of us. We will be covering absolutely anything that entails or relates to fashion; including beauty products, perfumes, etc.  However, putting our differences aside we both, like everyone else, crave good food. Our food section of the blog will consist of opening your palettes to new tastes and finding the yummiest spots in town. Since traveling is a major part of our lifestyles, we will be posting on a global perspective as well. We will give you insights on our trips and how each city offers great fashion and food experiences!

Walk with us and let us share with you our experiences….

Chocolate: Roya Almously
Vanilla: Tatiana Salhab

Contact us on : chocolateandvanillasoles@gmail.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/chocolatevanillasoles
Instagram: @chocolateandvanilla.soles
Snapchat: candvsoles
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM3AoZzPGgmcfmm1DIc52ig

Based in Lebanon