GAP– a brand that we have both been growing up with since the launch of its famous sweaters, to their body line which we find to be extremely comfortable.

Recently, we got the chance to work with GAP and decided to dedicate this and the next post to styling our favorite basic GAP items.

One of the most famous collections the brand is known for is Denim. They offer a wide variety of jeans, jackets, shorts, that can suit all body types and all styles.

For this post, we each decided to pick a jeans of a certain style and dress it up.


Chocolate ā€“ AKA Roya:
I chose the classic skinny jean. I paired it with a GAP white tee, and a black vest to make it look more chic. I added a pair of heeled boots from Jonak, and a funky Topshop belt.

Vanilla ā€“ AKA Tatiana:
As the latest trend that has started is all about flare and straight jeans, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what to pair them with since we apparently still have a few wintery days J I chose a kind of oversized sweater to break the pattern of deja-vu pret-du-corps tops.

Location: Urbanista Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla.