I know I am new to this whole work “scene”, but I am pretty sure I got lucky with my jobs dress code. As most work places, you are required to dress modest and look presentable, but they aren’t really strict about the colors and whatnot. With this freedom, I try to make my outfits look a little bit fun and quirky.

Keeping it classic with a basic jeans and tee, I add a flower blazer to create a twist. Dubai is starting to get hot at this time of year, but inside is always cold and in the shade it also can be breezy. My bag matched perfectly with the color of the blazer, and my shoes were easy to pair because they are white and the jacket as a white print within the flowers.


Jeans : 7’s
T-shirt : GAP
Jacket : Scarlet
Shoes: Adidas
Bag: Stella McCartney
Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere