Wearing a tight dress is tricky, as most people might feel insecure or wish to not show certain aspects of their bodies. This is the first “tight” dress I own, and I liked it because of its texture and length. The fabric is extremely soft, and it isn’t short, it goes below the knee, which made me feel more comfortable wearing it. The color can go with anything, and you can make it work of any style or occasion you are going for.

Here I opted to wear it as is, with a pair of grey heels and a light bag.

IMG_7867 IMG_7841 IMG_7847 IMG_7872 IMG_7879 IMG_7866 IMG_7880 IMG_7840 IMG_7870 IMG_7857 IMG_7848

Dress: Zara
Bag: Stella McCartney
Sunglasses: Christian Dior

Deliciously, Chocolate.