Ever since I was young I always collected random looking bags. It started off with a Braccialini bag that looked exactly like a train, with all its details including the Train whistle. My most recent purchase to add to my collection of random looking bags is this Skinny Dip Milk Carton cross body bag. When wearing such a statement piece is always best to keep it the only statement piece, meaning wear pretty simple outfits, preferably one color. For this look I opted to wear an off the shoulder body dress, added a jeans vest, and a pair of sneakers with some texture.

IMG_7466 IMG_7461

IMG_7471IMG_7449 IMG_7429 IMG_7489 IMG_7485

Dress: Asos
Vest: Zara
Shoes: Adidas
Bag: Skinny Dip

Deliciously, Chocolate.