Still and always… flowers! I find it the most enchanting, romantic and inspiring element in nature. I was looking for a dress, that is not too much but that still, is special. This dress’ flowery prints caught my eyes and make it special in its own way. Its pink salmon color contrasts and sheds light perfectly on the green, raspberry and fuchsia colored prints. The silky material and riffles of the dress that are kind of ejected by its tightness around the waist, also add to the uniqueness of this dress and give it character. I think of this piece as one of my “best buys”, it is timeless, fresh and girly which in my opinion is an adequate wear for a wedding, gala dinner, or any event. I opted to wear it at a wedding by the beach in Mykonos, I am so happy I found it, I couldn’t have been more comfortable in any other dress.IMG_7279 IMG_7309 IMG_7274 IMG_7268IMG_7246 IMG_7254 IMG_7262 IMG_7236 IMG_7231IMG_7266IMG_7247 IMG_7237


Special thank you to Seven Sisters Beirut for their warm welcome you can find them on their
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Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x.