Because we are young and part of a generation where cigarettes, fast food and many other harmful factors that affect our lives are present daily, we decided to raise awareness.

Because we are still young now is the best time to shape our future. In order to insure good health and save us from sickness and things that will affect us, we met with the successful Mira Tueny. Read up to know more!

What did you do?

I am a dietitian and a smoking cessation practitioner. I graduated from a Master in preventive cardiology at Imperial College London with Distinction. I have gained experience working in renowned hospitals and healthcare centers in the UK and Lebanon. In September 2014, I founded the Healthquarters with the aim of creating a multidisciplinary clinic where you can have different consults at the same place.

What is preventive cardiology?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. They are due to several factors related to lifestyle. Preventive Cardiology is how to change your lifestyle in order to prevent developing risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure that can lead to Cardiovascular Diseases.

As a dietitian, how do you help your patients lose weight?

It is based on everyone’s lifestyle and it is a step-by-step approach to ensure a long-term plan. In fact, based on your way of living, your needs and your preferences, I arrange a diet and physical activity plan through behavior therapy.

Besides, there are no really “forbidden foods”. I believe that when anything is forbidden it makes you want it more and the day comes where you stop your diet and eat this food in crazy amounts. Therefore, I believe that you need to have everything in moderation privileging healthy foods. Moreover, exercise is really important when you try to lose weight since it helps you keep your muscle mass. The aim is to lose only fat so that your metabolism stays high and you lose weight. This will prevent you from gaining weight later.

My ultimate goal is for you to find a balance in order to never need a diet again

How do you assist your patients willing to stop smoking?

Every person has started smoking and continue to do so for some reason. With behavior therapy, we can tackle the source and reasons and deal with them. In the first session, I conduct two tests: a nicotine dependence test and a carbon monoxide breath test. Based on this result, the quit plan will be adapted.

What do you think about crash diet?

I don’t really support crash diet for several reasons. I can’t deny that it helps you lose weight quickly and motivates you. However, they usually lacks in vitamins, minerals and food groups. Besides, they are followed on a short period, therefore, as soon as you get back to your usual diet habits, you gain all the weight back and maybe even more. That is not the only problem, the main problem is that this “yoyo” made you lose muscle and gain fat. So your body is burning less energy and you find yourself with more fat than before starting the diet.

Mira Tueny is the founder and owner of The Healthquarters Tueni building, 1st floor, Beydoun street, Nasra Area, Ashrafieh. To book an appointment and for more info 01/425482.

We hope you guys will enjoy this collaboration as much as we do!

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Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla x.

Stay Sweet, Chocolate and Vanilla x.

The breath test is used to measure the carbon monoxide, which cause heart and pulmonary diseases. This test is done at every follow up to monitor the evolution during the quit attempt. The person and I will agree on a quit plan with or without nicotine replacement therapies (such as patches or gum) or medication (such as champix). Ideally, the quit is set within 2 weeks and will follow up over 2-3 months every week, then 6 month and then a year to make sure that the person hasn’t get back to smoking. Phone follow-ups will also be done during this period to support the patient every step of the way.