Sunny days. Warm nights. Enjoyable weather. Some would say favorite season. I am one of those. For that matter, there is nothing I like more than a total white look. Most of my outfits include a white top, white, jeans, white jacket. There is most of the time something white. The outfit you are about to see is one of my favourites found at Le Loft. With a high-waist, wide legs pants, a white sleeveless vest opened from the back and khaki fringes in the front, this silhouette is perfect for a party or a dinner to be chic and capture attention.

The cute little green clutch goes perfectly with the outfit’s colors, I absolutely love it. It is made out of wood, and has super cute love birds on top to close it. IMG_3513 IMG_3514 IMG_3476 IMG_3504 IMG_3461 IMG_3518


Outfit Le Loft 271
Clutch Sarah’s Bag (available at Le Loft)

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x.