We love all flowers, especially ones we can accessorise with. Vanina’s summer headpieces are perfect for the easy breezy weather surrounding us.

IMG_1776 IMG_1764 IMG_1749

Although they may seem like your average headpiece, these items can be used for different occasions, from a headband to a statement chocker. We chose to pair our different hair colors with different headband pieces:

IMG_1757 IMG_1789 IMG_1765 IMG_1760

For dark hair, any color can work but it’s always nicer to have a lighter color because it contrasts well with your hair. I chose a white band with pink flowers, white pearls, and red stone accents.

IMG_1762 IMG_1746

For light hair, I chose the opposite. I loved the beige peach color with accents of pink and white flowers and a little bit of sparkle.

Found at Scarlet

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla.