I am a huge fan of the Sex and The CIty and even a bigger fan of Carrie Bradshaw, the main character. All of her stylish, funky, glamorous clothing made me want to dress like her. I believe that the little pink dress you’re about to see in this post is a “Carrie” piece. Its cutouts, volume, and fresh vivid colour makes this dress a perfect one to be worn on a warm summer night that would show off your tan, make you feel light, girly, and fabulous! IMG_1617IMG_1704IMG_1651IMG_1699IMG_1622IMG_1701

Dress: Scarlet Concept Store (Abdel Wahab Street) 01-270017

Shoes: TopShop

Clutch: Scarlet

Photography: Malika Jaroudi 

Keep Sparkling, Vanilla x.