The Little Message:

Hello Readers! We are sorry we took such a long break, but we have had a rough couple of weeks. With finals, and some health issues, we had to take a small break to recuperate and improve the blog. Hope you like this post!


Our Gala:

Since both of us are Business students at the American University of Beirut, we were a part of the annual OSB Gala Dinner at the end of the spring semester. The gala took place in Les Talus, which is in the north, on a chilly summer night. Both of us decided to wear our Sandra Mansour Dresses, one short and fun, the other long and dreamy.


My dress is a lovely lilac/sky blue, with embroidered leaves that flow through the dress. You feel like a princess in it because it has beautiful layers of tulle that flow along and behind it. I added minimal accessories, and wore beige YSL Shoes.

My dress is a gold/beige short piece. With a ruffle like bottom, that is very girly, and a beautifully embroidered top with an open back. It has just the right amount of details to make this short dress a gala dress.

Stay Sweet
Chocolate and Vanilla