Every girl has their go to black item, a skirt, dress, or pants. For me, as I have mentioned before, I prefer wearing dresses and skirts over pants because of the way my body is. Being curvy, meaning that I basically have a proportional body (upper and lower halves are fuller, waist is smaller) skirts and dresses that cinch in the waist flatter my (or that) body type more.

IMG_7288 IMG_7301 IMG_7282_1

This black skirt is a look-alike to the famous classic Dior skirt. It tightens at the waist, and flows out from there. I wanted to style this skirt in a young and fun way by wearing a printed oversized T-shirt, not the usual look to go for. It is such a classic piece that I wanted to change it up, and add some modern twist to it.I paired it with high heels, and tied my hair up in a little palm tree ponytail.

IMG_7289 IMG_7292 IMG_7293

Outfit from Scarlet Beirut
Shoes: Saint Laurent

Location: O1NE
Photographer: Paola Sakr

Deliciously, Chocolate.