Both of us love playing with our hair, from adding accessories to attempting to make creative hairstyles and braids. These beautiful and timeless headpieces found at Scarlet Beirut, are the outcome of collaboration between Scarlet and Vanina.

IMG_7241 IMG_7235 IMG_7223

The headbands each have different elements such as stones, pearls, beads, and sequence. They vary in a wide range of colors that could match with almost anything. Each gives off a different vibe, from being girly to classic, or sporty to grungy. The pieces will add to any outfit, and they will draw attention to your face and hair. When pairing them with an outfit, it is best to make your look simple so that the statement piece would be the headband.

IMG_7235 IMG_7444 IMG_7451

Location: O1NE – A special thank you.
Photographer: Paola Sakr

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla.