Sky Management and Cotton Candy have come together to create their very first winter popup. Beirut city now has a new slap-in-the-face place that will make the rockstar in you very happy. TWENTY SEVEN is a concept bar that is here for now, but soon will be gone at the prime of its youth when it closes down sometime in Spring 2015. Just like Cobain, Hendrix and Winehouse and the many notorious entertainers that remained forever young at the age of twenty-seven.

“One of the more eccentric theories to have emerged in explanation of

all this, is that the entertainers were destroyed by the ‘Saturn Return’.

This is the idea that the celestial movement of Saturn causes upheavals

in human lives, the first occurring in our late twenties, sometimes with

disastrous consequences. But that’s not why we think all these people

lived forever at age of twenty-seven.

We are the come of age brainchild of Sky Management and Cotton

Candy and Friends. It may be in pieces, but we will give you the best of

us. Amy says every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen.

Places close down others pop up. But we’re not here to sing the blues

at the souks. We’re just here to entertain you.” – AMY

Call Amy for reservations on 70220077

Or email

Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut


Better burn out than fade away


With the help of Bouchra Boustany, Sky Management’s PR.

Follo Twenty Seven’s news through their channels: Facebook: and Instagram: @twentysevenbeirut

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x.