While visiting my sister in London over the weekend, I took advantage of the fact that she is a makeup wiz. Out of all us siblings, Yara, was always the one who knew exactly what to do with makeup. As I tend to put the bare minimum, and I am not that great with makeup, I always look to her for some help. She decided to do a light day look for me that didn’t take much time.

IMG_9905 2

She first started off by mixing my cc cream (Bobbi Brown) with my foundation (Bare Minerals) and gently applying it all over my face. She didn’t put any concealer on me because she believes that in the day it isn’t necessary. She then moved to my eyebrows, and just used some of Benefit’s tinted gel to keep any hairs from straying. My eyes were a longer process, the shadow was a mix of two different colors from the Urban Decay Naked Palette: Buck and Dark Horse. The outline of my eye, on the lash line was drawn with a dark brown Ubran Decay pencil (Demolition) and was gently smudged. She then put a thin coat of Hypnose Star (Lancome) mascara to my lashes. With some dark shadow she contoured the side of my cheeks, by slowly grazing the brush once or twice under the cheekbone. Lastly, she used a dark nude pink lip liner, Manic from Urban Decay,to color and fill my lips and put a light shade Charlotte Tilbury blush to rosy up my cheeks.

IMG_9909 2 IMG_9906 2

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Deliciously, Chocolate.