Studying in Paris this semester has given me many chances to go visit my sister in London. Unfortunately, during this last trip I got sick; London’s weather didn’t help. One of my mother’s many words of wisdom was to always keep your hands, ears, and feet very warm during colder months, and is even more important when you are sick. Thus the earmuff girl was born. As much as I love hats, I have come to realize that they don’t really love me; they always leave my hair flat and static. So I opted for equally warming earmuffs that also act as a headband. Wearing a color that matches your coat can make it the perfect winter accessory without ruining your hair!

IMG_9886 IMG_9884 IMG_9894 IMG_9888

Earmuffs – UGG Australia
Coat – Max Mara
Pants – Topshop
Sweater – GAP Knit
Boots – Ralph Lauren
Bag – Lancel

Deliciously, Chocolate.