As you may have noticed through our social media accounts, we have been going through a lot of changes. We plan on differentiating our blog through artistic and other forms of media/photography. This is our first video post, which is our new concept. We will be doing fun, fashionable, and playful videos that incorporate fashion, style, music, and our surroundings. Our idea is that we want to give you something more than just pretty clothes to look at, we want you to enjoy an experience and get the feel of who we are personally. Our videos will be posted on our blog and we will also have a YouTube channel. This video is based on the concept of a casual Parisian day. I had so much fun shooting this on my Saturday afternoon walking through the 7th arrondissement through the Ecole Militaire and Pont de L’alma. It was a beautiful day for the Paris fall season and I decided to take advantage of it by wearing lighter clothes. I selected a pair of GAP denim jeans, a Victoria’s Secret PINK round neck black Tee, a dark green leather Zara jacket, and a Pair of Vans. For my accessories I put on Sandro shades and a Dolce & Gabbana camel side bag.

Our YouTube channel is :

 Hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think.

 Delicously, Chocolate.