Known to be a trendy and yummy “in” spot in Paris, Kinugawa was not what it was bragged up to be. Maybe it is because everyone around me was telling me how great it was that I had such a high expectation. What I had imagined was not really met once I was actually there. The food was good, but nothing over the top or specific.

The decoration was very simplistic. Once you walk in, you are in a narrow rectangular ground floor space with a small bar (too small in my opinion). The lighting is dark and the tables are all on one side with a long connected couch. The decor included dark and light wood pieces with accented white pieces. The upper floor is much bigger, with different table sizes and lighter lighting. Upstairs they added carpeting, which is an issue for me because I think carpeting in restaurants is a big “No No”. Luckily, I was seated downstairs.

deco2 deco1 deco

The servers were very good and on point. They served meals in appropriate intervals, not too little or too much time in between courses.

Here is what I ate(I apologize for my blurry pictures, it was difficult with the lighting and atmosphere to take proper pictures, I had to take them as fast as I could):

From Left to right: Tai Sashimi Kinugawa Style (Dourade Sashimi), Kyuri Wakame (algae salad), and Maguro No Aburi (Half Cooked Tuna)

IMG_9707 2

 From Left to right: Nasu Dengaku ( Caramelized Eggplant), Ebi Aspara Aburi (Shrimps with lemon and garlic), Baby Spinach Aspara Salada


From Left to right: Gyu Sukiyaki (Fondue of beef), Garlic Rice, California Teka (Tuna), Maki Hamachi (Yellow Tail), and Maguro (Tuna)


The food was good, nothing to complain about but nothing extraordinary. They used yummy and fresh ingredients, and had some really delicious dishes like the Aubergine, dourade, and spinach salad.

The Decoration pictures are from their website , which also has other information about them.