What you need to know for this Fall Fashion Season:

Knits: heavy knitted sweaters, dresses, and pants are perfect for this fall/winter season. Head to toe sweater dressing is exactly what we need and what we are getting! From Stella McCartney to Chloe, all designers have incorporated weaved knits.

Balenciaga knit skirt


chloe sweater


Sneakers: the most comfortable way to get around. I personally love this trend and hope it never goes out of style. Wearing a paris of sneaks adds a casual touch to any look. Keep in mind that it is more of a daytime shoes!

chanel sneakers


Dior sneakers


nike airmax


Shades of gray: Gray is everywhere for this season, as it usual tends to be during this time of the year. However, for this fall/winter designers have used gray all over. It is the perfect color to pair with anything and is a great shade for

salvatore feragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

phillip lim

Phillip Lim


Extreme Turtlenecks: These oversized, neck hugging, monster looking sweaters will only make you feel like your suffocating. They tend to make you look bigger than you are, so steer clear of them this season.

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

Too Much Sheer: Sheer is always nice, but don’t overdo it. Showing off all your goods is no fun, keep a little something for the mind to wonder.



Print Overload: Too much to handle on the eye can be annoying. Subtle prints on one item or piece of clothing is more than enough for any outfit. Don’t print block.



Deliciously, Chocolate.