Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of the first rain drops of the season? The sound of the rain drops knocking on our windows? The cleanliness they bring to the atmosphere? Confused by this sudden change of season, I pleasantly knew what I would wear to go out at night. A pair of Timberlands to keep my feet warm and shorts not to keep my legs to warm :p . I have never been a fan of Timberlands but I guess it depends how they’re styled. I completely fell in love with the mix of the pieces in this outfit that I found at GS. I find it really enjoyable to shop at this store as I can find all the pieces I want in all kinds of styles.

DSC07512 DSC07505DSC07564 DSC07543 DSC07525 DSC07535

Full look available at GS Stores.

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x.