Founded in 1827 by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy in Paris, the house of Duvelleroy initially started out with the idea to bring back the fan as an accessory to in a woman’s hand. Duvelleroy unfortunately had to stop production after the second world war but recently revived the label in 2010 2010! Eloise and Raphaelle restarted Duvelleroy and became the inheritors of the house. They wanted to give a second life to the brand by developing many different lines and changed a concepts.

Duo Duvelleroy© A Zavala Haag

They started a new playful and affordable line, which they called “Heir by Duvelleroy”; in which they collaborate with many designers and artists of various kinds to create attractive and fun fans. The original haute couture line of fans that they have inherited which are based on the original designs are all produced by hand and can be considered pieces of art. Their first shop in Paris opened in the 7th arrondissement this past July, which displays their new headpieces that were inspired by the Swan Lake ballet. Each of these headpieces are made with great work and detail, making each more beautiful than the next.

Eloise and Raphaelle gave me the chance to do a photo-shoot in the Champ De Mars with an amazing and upcoming photographer, Matt Erickson.

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 The house of Duvelleroy allows customers to customize fans or headpieces.

Their line is available during Christmas and holidays in Bergdorf Goodman and the Bon Marche. You can also find them online at their website for further information.

Deliciously, Chocolate.