Black is the most flattering color, and no one can argue that. It is the perfect color that can match with anything at any time. Most people think wearing all black is depressing and tends to be gothic. I can see how someone might think that, but if you wear the right items black can be really fun and extremely flattering. I chose to wear a full black outfit in Paris for the Comite Montaigne event that started on Thursday September 11th 2014. Avenue Montaigne is a street in Paris where the most known and big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, Chanel, Givenchy, etc have stores. During 3 days of the year, around 1 week before Parish fashion week starts, the each store on the street shows and presents an item of heritage or exception. I thought it would be appropriate to be in a casual chic attire that is comfortable because I would be walking from shop to shop. Here is my look:
 IMG_9681IMG_9690 IMG_9705IMG_9695
Top- Tara Jarmon
Jeans- Double Sided Bleulab
Shoes- Jonak
Here is an extra fun shot:
Deliciously, Chocolate.