Obliviousness. Innocence. Unconsciousness. This is how I would describe my childhood. I remember when I would sit around the house all day and do nothing but play and really do nothing but that. Actually I don’t really remember those moments but it is what I see on the videos when I was a kid.

I was unaware of how tired my parents could be by the end of the day and I would prepare games and ask them to join me and I never knew when it was enough. While growing up I realized how life really works and how tiring it may be and therefore, I am grateful for the childhood I had, the memories I saved because I will never be able to go back to see the world as a “perfect place”.

Never will I forget what my childhood was mainly about. Swings, slides, running around, annoying anyone who wouldn’t be on my side and play with my hair, clothes and make up (when my mom wasn’t around :p ). Last week, my father had a swing installed in our garden and as random as it may sound, I often get on it and enjoy it. It’s funny how at 20 years old, a swing still charms me. I guess we all still have in us the little crazy kid we once were. While I was on that swing (pictures below), I tied my hair into two braids exactly how I used to quite some years ago.

DSC07288 DSC07297 DSC07293 DSC07307 DSC07299

I was wearing:

Top – Stella McCartney
Short – H&M
Sneakers – Sue Comma Bonnie
Hair Accessories – Hermes

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x.