A day out with Umm Koulthoum and Sarah’s Bag requires refreshing and happy colors to commemorate the amazing artist Umm Koulthoum was and the “happiness” Sarah’s Bag brings to women in need. Sarah’s bag has been helping women who are excluded from society and who do not have the possibility to work due to the harsh and unfortunate life they lead. Sarah helps them by letting them express their talent through the work she provides for them. I am in love with my Sarah’s Bag with Umm Koulthoum’s image printed on it and felt like wearing it today so I paired it with a white silk pair of shorts with green and blue prints and an over-sized turquoise top. Here is the link to a video I recommend you to visit to know more about Sarah’s Bag social and touching work. Thumbs up, our society needs more people and corporate social responsible companies!


DSC06407 DSC06409 DSC06420 DSC06406 DSC06441 DSC06434

I was wearing:


Top – Les Petites
Shorts – Charlie Joe
Bag – Sarah’s Bag
Full look except bag available at Depeche Mode (ABC Dbayeh, ABC Ashrafieh, Beirut Souks)

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x