Who would have guessed that these pink birds would be the latest trend this season! I don’t see why not as summer is all about the tropical theme and these bright birds are the perfect symbol for this sultry season. These pink-feathered birds seem to be printed everywhere, from headbands to skirts and socks! These flaming flamingoes add a pop of color and some charm to any look. Brands such as Moschino, Alice + Olivia, and even Topshop are all incorporating these striking birds into their designs. Don’t miss out on this fun trend and add them to your wardrobe for the summer! I know we will for sure!

Socks from Forever 21:

Forever21T-shirt from Moschino Cheap and Chic:
Moschino Cheap and ChicShirt from Alice + Olivia
Alice+OliviaHeadband from Topshop
Topshop headband

Skirt from Alice + Olivia:


Klear Klutch clutch found on ASOS:

Klear Clutch on ASOS

Deliciously, Chocolate.