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Tania and Dima, the two beautiful and eccentric sisters who come from a long line of jewelers are the masterminds behind L’aterlier Nawbar.Having a long-standing name and history, the Nawbar family has been in the jewelry business for decades, since 1881. It has been around three years since these sisters took over, and many changes have occurred. The L’aterlier is the first gallery of its kind in Lebanon that introduces a collaboration between the clients and the process of making jewelry. They infused old and new by mixing ideas, giving a modern look to old styles, and providing the opportunities for personal touches and styles. They are the first to show the consumers the process of jewelry making,as usually that is hidden. They try to persuade and encourage personal style and uniqueness, their service “Abracadabra”, allows people to create, innovate, and design their own pieces.


They have two collections: the 18 carat gold collection with diamonds, and the 9 carat gold collections that is vintage inspired. Each of these collections caters to all kinds of styles and tastes, anyone could relate. You can find or make anything from beautiful classical items to trendy stylish pieces. They also provide a service where you can change, alter, or modify already existing pieces that you own.

Here are some of their beautiful and creative pieces:

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 Images credited to their Facebook Page:

L’atelier Nawbar is located on Hamra!

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