Who remembers when we were young and our mom’s handbag would be like Mary Poppin’s bag? We could find everything in it from a toy to a piece of candy! Our moms somehow managed even without forgetting their own items (wallet, keys, make up…). Now that I’m all grown up ( :p ), I can finally have my own purse. We all have our few items we never leave home without, so here’s a glimpse of the items I always carry with me:

DSC05949 DSC05957 DSC05965 DSC05966

In my bag (by Peau Feroce):

Waller – Gucci
Car Keys with Cartier key holder
Little pink pharmacy box with piglets 😀
Johnson hand cream
Sunglasses of the moment – RayBan
My iPhone
Little Sephora tube filled with my perfume for little sprays during the day

In my make-up kit:

Chanel blush (85 evocation)
Dior brush
YSL BabyDoll mascara
Dali mascara
Chanel black eyeliner
Dali black eyeliner
Chanel (Rouge Allure Velvet 40 “La sensuelle”)
L’Oreal Nude Magique BB creme (amazing product I recommend it)
Benefit gimmeBrow
YSL pencil for eyebrows (I just draw my brows veeery lightly)

I don’t wear all of these products everyday especially not together. My make up kit is just always full for all kinds of events in case I need a retouch at a party or during the day.

What are YOUR essentials?

Keep Sparkling,
Vanilla x