For today’s post I thought I would share with you what’s inside my handbag. I don’t like cramming too many things because it can get annoying to find things and it can ruin the bag!




For the post I decided to use my Black Givenchy Pandora Bag which can work with every outfit and every season. It is a medium sized bag that has a lot of space. Inside the bag I put my essentials which consist of:

  • My Wallet – Dolce & Gabbana
  • My Keys – with cute little Laduree key chain
  • Gum – Trident usually and I change the flavors often
  • Sunglasses – Sandro and black, they work with everything
  • Hand Sanitizer – always a useful item
  • Nivea Cream for Face – Hand – Body — can come in handy!
  • My Phone – with a Chanel cover (I have a little obsession with covers)
  • My little bag of Beauty (Fendi) which usually has makeup and perfume etc. The most important and always lasting items in there are my perfume by Stella McCartney, my black eyeliner Kohl from Maybelline, my Bobbi Brown Blush with a Sephora Brush, Sephora Lip Balm that adapts to your lip color, Elizabeth Arden Lip Balm with a pink tint, and a hair tie or clip incase.


If my bag were smaller, I would just keep it to a minimum and only put the necessities.

So What’s Inside My Bag? 
Not too much! I keep it Neat and Simple.

Share with me what’s inside your bag and your essentials!

Deliciously, Chocolate.