“Dali Le Maquillage”, is the awesome brand of cosmetics. I was thrilled to be introduced to the amazing world and factory of Dali by Maya Tamer, the exquisite woman behind the brand.  It was like a paradise for me, with the infinite amounts of nail polishes that filled the super elongated shelves, and all the other beauty products (lipsticks, concealers, eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, etc.). The feeling of being there was so fascinating and enticing that I wanted to check out every corner and every product of every box.

Their Nail-polishes are made in Lebanon, which is something to appreciate and they  partnered with the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon by giving them 5% of the proceeds gained on nail polishes purchases. Maya was kind enough to let me choose some products to try and to take back home with me. Being a huge fan of beauty products, the minute I got home, I started powdering myself and trying on all the products that were given to me. I usually am very nervous and picky about trying out new beauty products and brands as my skin is extremely sensitive. However, I was very surprised with the results!

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These are the beauty products I tried and what I think about them:

The Vibralash Mascara:  it was very easy to apply thanks to its vibration that you can turn on and off whenever you want to! This system basically prohibits your lashes from clumping together, and makes your lashes look long and luscious, Which is what every woman wants!Vibralash the perfect mascara for a smoky eye make up or an everyday look.

  • Eyeliner: their eyeliners vary from black to white, ranging through a wide variety of colors including lavender and amazing aqua-blue. Dali is mostly known for their eyeliners which are used by many make-up artists, Lebanese celebrities, and girls! A million Dali eyeliners were sold during this past year and that is the figure for only in Lebanon!


A fresh touch of purple.


The vibrating aqua-blue eyeliner.


The dramatic black eyeliner.

  • Nail Polishes: I have always had bad experiences with nail polishes, they would either go off the next day or start cracking. When given the Dali polishes to try, oh my god was I pleased! They would literally stay on my nails for a week and I would then put another color on. They are very often used in salons as they have a variety of colors and great quality.


A Dali nail polish salad.


Dali nail polished under the Christmas tree.


The season’s colors; spectrum of greiges.


Dali decorates our nails this Christmas!

I truly recommend to everyone who has not tried some of Dali’s affordable and amazing products to do so. Christmas is around the corner, NOW is the time to update Santa’s list!

Keep Sparkling,

Vanilla x