Lana El-Sahely A.K.A L’armoire de Lana, is a fresh young Lebanese woman whose style stood out by her unique touches and detailed eye. Being a fan of fashion and style, her interest in the domain grew because of her mom’s support and connections in it. Lana decided to start a blog in 2011 in order to combine two of the things she loves: fashion and writing. The blog let her share her thoughts, ideas, and stylism with people day after day. Eventually they became an audience and were greatly awaiting the next posts of this fashionista. Lana’s viewers are not just local viewers, but rather regional. Among them, to name a few are people from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi. Moreover, Lana does not stop at being  just a blogger, but through her experience in fashion she is now a stylist. She has the pleasure to work very personally with Nancy Ajram as her own stylist. Although Lana loves blogging she hopes to one day work in fashion magazine editorials.


Over these two years Lana has collaborated with many famous companies among which are GAP and ABC Store which have occurred recently. Discussing further about the ABC collaboration, ABC chose well-known Lebanese artists to design and decorate, over this past year, their logo which consists of a triangle. Lana was chosen to be the last designer for the logo and so her inspiration for the triangle was Christmas and is part of the whole ABC campaign! The stylist dressed the triangle in green “volants” made by Basil Soda, as if it were a dress, and has detailed gold ornaments on the pointed head that is in accordance with the Christmas tree. She also added a pair of red heels to make it stylish and preppy which correlates to the fact that she is a fashion blogger . The triangles are now all on display in ABC Achrafieh, each is unique and different.


Weenjoyed every part of our little breakfast meeting with Lana. She is an absolute delight, anyone who got to meet her would understand. Lana has come a long way since the beginning of her writing days and has since become a style icon for this region.

Here are the links to all her Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: @larmoiredelana
Twitter: @lanasahely


Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla x