DEA! To say the least, she must be one of the most genuine and “coolest” girls we have ever met. Both of us agree that Dea is for sure quite unique to find in our modern world and more precisely in our environment. With her carefree attitude, “I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be badass”, as her motto says, everything about her is cool; hair, dress code and accessories. Not even a full year has passed since her launching of Dee Cool Stuff, and she is already and constantly swamped with orders and events. Dee Cool Stuff started off by Dea simply ordering stuff she liked from abroad for herself and wearing them. Her pieces were satisfying people’s taste and giving them a new sense of originality, which led her to increase her orders. People were more interested in having the accessories and clothes she was wearing, so Dea thought it would be interesting to start a business out of the stuff she would order and the designs she could create herself. Dee Cool Stuff attracts with funky-rock jewelry pieces and clothes for teens, young adults, and cool people.


Iphone knuckle cases in black, gold, silver and spikes.


Ballin beanie.


Boo – you whore beanie.


Dope necklace.


Single ring.


Handcuff bracelet.


Bow ear cuff.


Skeleton bracelet.




Baseball caps available in many designs.

Dea is now planning on launching her new website for Dee cool stuff in which you can buy the items she provides and sells but we won’t say more and let you enjoy her original idea! Until then her items are available on Lebanese websites like “MySouk” and “Lebelik”.

Dea also encourages the younger Lebanese artists and talents of our country. She searches and provides the necessary means and help for “youngsters” as she calls them, to be able to do what they love and what they are good at, and gives them the opportunity to sell things through her brand; her new extensions will be called Youngsters by Dee Cool Stuff.

Come and join Dea on Friday, November the 22nd from 1pm to 10pm at Ginette’s in Gemayzeh. The event is exclusively made to reveal her collaboration with Smartiz & Co that consists of a winter collection of bags that she designed. Other Lebanese designers and names will be selling their items on this day, including Dea’s own Dee Cool Stuff items, Alex B, 2 Pieces, etc.

From jewelry to paintings, anything could be found related to fashion and arts at Ginette this Friday!

Stay Sweet,

Chocolate and Vanilla x