Roula Nahas, the creator of paRs charms, invited us, Chocolate and Vanilla, to be a part of a special brunch that she hosted at her place. Although we were the youngest, the ambiance and welcoming sweet buffet (by Vanilla Bean) made us feel like we were at home and happy to be surrounded by such amazing and successful women. Amazing flower arrangements (by Arome L’Atelier) were enchanting the place with a girly yet fresh mood and the laughs were a pleasant melody to our ears.

PaRs Charms is a jewelry brand that focuses on necklaces. Almost all of us have a favorite necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings that we wear everyday, or else we would feel half-naked without it – well at least we do 😛 . PaRs’s goal is to not make us feel empty or alone, its motto, “Make it Happen“, makes you want to keep your PaRs with you anywhere you go-in moments of hard work or in success have it in sight. My PaRs personally empowers me by constantly challenging me, and making me believe that I can accomplish and succeed in whatever it is that I am struggling at, and in the end, help me ” Make it Happen “. PaRs charms is made up of a series of words to each of us could relate to: Dream, Smile, Faith, Joy, Believe, Blessed, Success and Love.

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PaRs Charms are available at Kulte (Verdun), Cream (Saifi Village), Sigha (Rabieh), and soon at Le Loft 271 (Antelias). They can also be ordered directly from their Facebook page ( ).

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla