Hermes, Boucheron, Christofle, Baccarat, Goyard, Fauchon, S.T Dupont, and Bernardaud, are the 8 prestigious homes that are collaborating with Lacoste for their 80th anniversary. Each Maison has created an élite gift incorporating the crocodile and showing their love and admiration for the brand. Each brand has a story behind their gift choice…

Hermes: Used this opportunity to honor Lacoste’s tennis history.  In the Early 1900’s, Rene Lacoste made a bet about whether he would win a match, and was then nicknamed after the stakes of the bet, a crocodile skin suitcase. Eventually he started embroidering his famous Polo Shirts with the crocodile and now Hermes is offering a crocodile tennis bag.


Boucheron: To Boucheron, the crocodile embodies Lacoste’s grace and experience. They decided to acknowledge these characteristics by creating two exclusive brooches in the shape of a crocodiles with diamonds and emeralds. This idea also honors the romantic act of Rene Lacoste (Tennis Champion) who gave his wife a gift of a Boucheron brooch.


Fauchon: Fauchon is one of the best and most well-known culinary places in the world. Founded in France, this French house decided to pay tribute to Lacoste by creating exclusive and delicious high fashion éclairs. There are 5 different delightful flavors: almond, vanilla, strawberry, green tea, and lemon. Each is decked out with beautiful tasty designs that honor the Lacoste textures of the cotton polo and stripped shirts. Of course, the crocodile will be made of marshmallows and would be added as a finishing dash.


S.T. Dupont: They designed a beautiful mysterious gift box that contains 6 items. Dupont is known for their creations of beautiful and exceptional items that translate to their gift for Lacoste. The box includes a gorgeous lighter, a notebook, two elegant pens, and two candles – representing Lacoste’s important values of elegance and fair play, which also related to the values of sports champions (tennis and golf). Each item is beautifully crafted with silver and stamped with the signature Lacoste crocodile.

dupontdupont1 dupont2

Bernardaud: Bernardaud is a family owned renowned porcelain company that creates beautiful designs. This maison pays tribute to Lacoste by creating 27 colorful golf tees -a tee is “a small peg with a concave head that can be placed in the ground to support a golf ball before it is struck from such an area”. This gift shows the golf part of Lacoste’s history and also highlights their “joie de vivre”. The polo shirt for around 50 years was only available in white, but now around 60 colors are available and created each season and this is reflected in Bernardaud 27 different colors in their gift.

bernardaud bernardaud1

Goyard: Goyard mixed the codes of their own maison with those of Lacoste’s by creating a timeless travel sac that incorporated the famous chevron-patterned monogram and the crocodile.  It is an exclusive and beautiful creation by the French luxury trunk maker, which shows the skills and craftsmanship of Goyard.


Christofle: Tennis is not the only vital part of Lacoste’s structure, golf is as well because Rene Lacoste was married to Simone Thion de la Chaume, and their daughter Catherine Lacoste was a professional golfer. Christofle decided to pay tribute to the rare hereditary golf skills by creating a one of a kind silver gold club for the most prestigious of players.


Baccarat: Baccarat is creating a one of kind crystal vase that is inspired by the golf and tennis trophies of the Lacoste family. It is a tribute of the era of which crocodiles were ruling and shows to honor that. The vase has emerald-green accents that enlighten the famous crocodile color.


Every gift was beautiful and depicted a beautiful sentiment to Lacoste. Each of us had our own favorite:

Chocolate: Loved the Goyard sac, and the embellished éclairs!

Vanilla: Loved the Baccarat emerald vase and Boucheron’s crocodile brooches.

Images were from the Lacoste website:

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla x