Goûtons Voir first started in Monot on Abdul Wahab Street, as a small intimate French styled bistro restaurant. The close setting and small environment gave it a charm that was distinct from other places. Now, Goutons Voir has opened its second branch in Dbayeh where it is far roomier. This setting, is more spacious and quite big. Although decorated around the same tones, the vibes between the two are completely different due to the size, but the food is consistent throughout. Great meat, seafood, and deserts!

Here are the items we got to try with a group of friends:

photo 2 copyVanilla and I both had the Filet with Haricots Vert, except I had it with Truffle and Parmesan Fries as well.
It was cooked perfectly, and the salty Haricots were delicious. The fries just had a hint of truffle that was just enough and made the fries different and yummy.

photo 4Excuse me for the picture is blurry, but it was a bit dark. This is the Grilled Sea Food Platter, it is a healthy but extremely delectable dish! It was swiped clean!

photo 1 copyThe Creamy Lemon and Calamari Risotto

photo 3 copyFluffy Pain Perdu!

The Service was friendly, and great with timing. All in all it was an enjoyable and pleasant night, that went so well! We went on a Thursday night,so it was hectic, but actually packed. Usually they receive Mussels on Friday so the next day for Lunch :

photo 2Mussels with Cream Sauce and Truffle Fries!

Definitely a place to visit with family or a small group of friends that enjoy great tasting food!
Check out their Facebook page under Goutons Voir!

Deliciously, Chocolate.