Two days ago we, Chocolate and Vanilla were very excited to be welcomed to Hass Idriss’s own inspirational world. While waiting for Hass to come meet us, we were lucky to gain a tour around the place and get a pre-taste of the designer’s likes, interests, and surroundings. Hass’s creativity caught our attention with his dress made of wax, the starfish dress, and many other amazing creations.


The Wax Dress


The Starfish Dress


The Rapunzel

Then, one of the most dreamy, energetic, happy, excited, inspired person we have ever met came in, Hass. It was time to know more about the man and the story behind “Hass Idriss”. His starting point was when he started painting at the age of 11; he had a special interest in art that eventually led him to expand his talent to designing clothes. At the age of 13 Hass got his first solo exhibition, in which he auctioned off his work and at 17 did big advertisements such as MasterCard’s in the Middle East. When the time for university came, Hass went to Saint Martin’s in London to focus on art and creativity, which are his strengths.

His edgy and explicit sides helped him to distinguish himself from the others. Hass used these assets in an important project in which he has a concept of a guy and a girl in a relationship where “she would be his first and he would be her last”. He created a dress designed with gas bombs on the corset (which he loves) and the rest of the dress was metal so that when she detonates the gas she would explode signifying his point. Hass then worked at Alexander McQueen and along with Anna Wintour to name a few of the big names that he sided, all of which encouraged him and pushed him into fashion, more precisely, styling.

Finally, Hass worked extremely hard for his biggest fashion moment of his career, his first fashion show in London. Hass had to work 2 full-time hard jobs to keep up with expense of starting a fashion line and worked himself to the edge. On the day of his first show all his work was put to the test. Even though most of his pieces were not finished, Hass still managed to pull one of the best fashion shows of that year.Hass now has turned his fashion couture line to more simple daily line. Here are some pictures of our afternoon at Hass Idriss’s creative atelier:







We asked Hass one word answer questions and these are his answers:

  •  A textile? –Silk Organza
  • A color? –Nude
  • A city? –London
  • An inspiration? –Fireworks
  • Who inspires you at the moment? –The Beauty (from Beauty and the Best, “as cliché as it may sound”)

Sitting in front of was a mind-blowing mastermind with great talents that we stared at in awe. He discussed how he knows he needs a balance in his work and his style, a little elegance and little funk and a little chic. It is important to keep a balance among them which we admired a lot since a lot of designers these days sway too much to one.

It was an honor to be able to meet Hass, and it is our pleasure to tell you that you have the opportunity too! Come in numbers and join us at the Black Carpet Event in which Hass will be showing his many creative works and talents at Le Loft 271 in Antelias. Starting on the 22 at 4pm to 10 pm, and continuing on for the 23rd and 24th from 11am to 7pm

A little extra: One of Hass’s many talents is photography, this is a picture he took of us:


Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla