This is the place where music, atmosphere, and food mix to create an experience. The staff are all stylishly dressed from head to toe, the music might be a bit too loud but it is a bar and restaurant, the setting is funky and designed by Philippe Starck which is what gives it it’s extra edge. The location of the bar and restaurant is on the top floor of a 1st district building in which Kenzo’s main office is and facing Louis Vuitton Headquarters. It is located in a very funky and “in” district.


(The picture is from parisiansecrets, because i could not manage to take a proper one while there! There are more and better pictures on Kong on their website( and online).

The setting was something to remember, with the works of Starck around you and the Paris environment, everything was trendy and interesting.

The food was good, and fun. Here are some of the items I got to try:

photo 1

Creamy Burrata with Eggplant

photo 4Delicious Tuna (A favorite)

photo 1 copyGlazed Cod

photo 3 copyGiant Macaron

I got to sit in both areas of Kong, the bar and the upper restaurant, each different and unique but mix well with the designs and style. The service was not great, but apparently that is normal for them from what I have heard myself before going. It has managed to keep it’s status as a funky and trendy bar restaurant with Asian fusion cuisine. Kong satisfies all senses; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.

 Here is their own website:

Deliciously, Chocolate.