Carven has been around since 1945 going through many ups and downs but recently has reached its peak with Guillaume Henry. This French brand creates a very urban and modern twist to simple and elegant outfits. Makes elder looking items fresh and fun with the different colors, prints, and textures. One of this season’s big hits are prints, and Carven did not miss to provide us with amazing patterns, and by us we mean women of all ages. From their zebra bags to their fawn print dress everyone can find her own statement. Moreover on Carven’s FW’13 collection, the pastel colors it gave to certain fragments will make our winter fresher, sensual and classy.
Their shop in St.Germain offered Chocolate and Vanilla Soles a wonderful experience by happily welcoming and opening their doors to us. This is our shoot of our favorite chic, cool, and urban looks: IMG_0811
Belted coat with poppers in satin with lighthouse print (black jacket)
Wine-red cornelis lace dress (red lace dress)
Tweed dress and crop top, with matching jacket all in Light Pink
Fawn Print Dress
We hope you liked our selection of favorite outfits at Carven and for more exceptional pieces, go on their website and enjoy!
Stay Sweet!
Chocolate and Vanilla