RED! Perfect for the city of love,Paris.

This cold October day look is trendy and chic for a great day of shopping or visiting around the city.  The different elements is what brings this look together, from the big Manteaux to the edgy biker boots, the clash of styles create a statement. In this outfit, I chose to make RED as my accent color statement, and created my look around that element.


The stunning RED coat is from Eric Bompard, a cashmere creator. The black and white side tripe pants are from American Apparel; stretchy high-waisted legging/pants that can work for both day and night when worn well. The RED and black shirt is from the Zara collection; Tartan is very “in” this season and adds a touch of pattern to the outfit. The boots are from Cosmoparis, a great find and buy, always useful to have an edgy rough-looking pairs of boots. The hat is a must for this season and adds a casual feel to any type of look; this hat is from Zara as well. The small backpack is a vintage Chanel, always a great accessory to any outfit.


Putting many different elements and looks is great to make a stylish and different outfit, making you look bold and distinctive.

Please tell us about your different styles!

Deliciously, Chocolate.