The Happy Prince

Full is more like it. That’s the way I felt when I finished my delicious meal at the bar/restaurant in the famous Mar Mikhael Street in Beirut, The Happy Prince. The restaurant has become very known by word of mouth due to its DELICSIOUS dishes, specifically their burger. I am stressing those words because I cannot express exactly how delicious the burger is every time I eat it. Hands down one of my favorite burgers in town so far, if not my favorite. A juicy enough patty that is perfect to not soak the bun and make it soggy, with crunchy pickles, and melted cheese, every bite was memorable. Although it might not be to everyone’s liking, it is my opinion that this burger fits exactly what I like and need in a good burger.


The Happy Prince 4 Now enough with burgers! The Happy Prince offers many other yummy dishes from delicious chicken to tasty starters like their Ahi Tuna salad or artichoke dip. Although their menu is small, it manages to cover many different and various flavors. Unfortunately, I have never been able to reach to dessert, because I am always full by the end of my main meal.

The Happy Prince 2 They also serve scrumptious brunches and lunches with a wider variety of plates that are more “brunchy”.

 **I should note that they tend to run out of burgers through the night, and you cannot reserve unless you are a table of 8. They are also known for the creative drinks and cocktails.

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Deliciously, Chocolate.