During my end of summer visit to Paris, while walking through a street that I walked many times, I found something new, a shop called & Other Stories. It was the first time I heard of it, and was surprised to hear that it was from the H&M Company. & Other Stories is a complete different look and style of fashion line than that of H&M, TopShop, Zara, or Urban Outfitters; it is cool and chic, very modern and simple. Their concept revolves around the idea that every woman has her own story in her personal style, and they want to help provide all the necessary items for that. & Other Stories has accessories, shoes, clothing, bags, cosmetics, lingerie, and jewelry; everything a woman needs to create her own story.

&other stories 6

Holographic Clutch
&other stories 2

Sculpted Cuff and Ring, and Toothed Multi-Ring

&other stories 3

Urban Peep Toe

&other stories 5

Gold Heel Pumps

&other stories 4I absolutely fell in love with them, definitely a new favorite!

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Deliciously, Chocolate.