Faithful to my expectations since a little girl, Elie Saab has never ever failed to disappoint me with his creations. His designs keep on amazing me with their mixture of elegance and sensuality as seen in his latest SS’14 collection, in assembling veil with embroidery and lace. Without letting his pieces become vulgar or overdone, Elie Saab knows the perfect combinations of textiles, which is in my opinion, often misjudged by some, and doses the lace in such a sophisticated way that makes him one of the best designers. Saab’s magical hands have once again created fairy dresses.

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I am proud to say that us Lebanese have more talent than the world knows and sees, which is why I am even more proud to have people such as Elie Saab who believe in themselves and achieve their dreams in order to higher Lebanon’s flag and make an unforgettable name for themselves not only in the history of Lebanon, but also in the history of fashion.

Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts about this breathtaking collection!

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