Most of us relate to Dior as a chic and classy label, very “Madame” style. This elegance is applied on most of Christian Dior’s handbags, for example on its Miss Dior as shown in the following picture: missdiorMiss Dior in pink powder credits to:

Dior is also known for its Lady Dior handbag that can also be worn as a shoulder bag I can’t deny that it is one of my favorite handbag at Dior. Its classy side adds a twist and a bit of elegance to a casual outfit, as well as a remarkable chic signature to any other kind of silhouette, let it be a white dress, a black leather skirt assorted with a white tank top or even a little simple black dress.


Lady The Lady Dior seen in bleu roi.

This year however, la maison Christian Dior created its own funky-grunge style by designing clutches and Lady Dior bags with a shoe drawn by Andy Warhol, as the two following pictures show: christian-dior_andy-warhol_golden-slippers_clutch dior

Dior meets Andy Warhol in these pictures.

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