As we all know, fashion capitals are spread over the world; London, Paris, Milan and New York. Last week, New York’s streets were crowded with fashion experts, celebrities, models, and designers. As this special week ended yesterday, the 12th of September, I decided to make a coverage about the fashion shows I liked and my favorite outfits of each one of those shows.

3.1 Philip Lim’s Spring Summer 2014’s collection was Mother Nature’s wake-up call translated into silhouettes. The mineral colors walking through that runway reminded us of our planet’s global warming, which was Lim’s inspiration for that collection. In fact, our favorites outfits that you can see by scrolling down the page, reflect that incentive.

phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-08_175122999351 phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-12_175126849655 phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-39_175149128859 phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-03_175119426613 phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-05_175120762314 phillip-lim-rtw-ss2014-runway-02_17511863088

The week proceeded with Diane Von Furstenberg’s breathtaking collection. DVF did as usual, did not disappoint but however, put aside her seventies-disco style to welcome Spring 2014 with an african-savannish wardrobe, zebra prints, desert and camels drawings were embellishing maxi-skirts and long dresses. However, plain but flashy colors as blue, redish-orange dresses were nourishing that summer vibe.

dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-03_211509232734 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-05_211511269370 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-06_211512490328 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-11_211516190832 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-21_211523687193 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-22_211524449825 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-24_211526738664 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-25_211527482058 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-30_211530541013 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-31_211531283112 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-32_211532124791

As for Donna Karan New York (DKNY), the collection was made of different outfits that can be worn throughout the day; from sport-chic silhouettes for the day to sexy but dashing dresses for the night, with in between well-groomed outfits for business meetings. That palette of colors included pastels, as well as dark colors like black and brown and in contrast, flashy colors. Finally, what I also genuinely loved in certain looks is the combination of a cocktail short dress with a pair of sneakers.

dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-34_16400785244 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-46_164017223821 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_164000678250 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-17_163952258067 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-08_163944209239 dkny-rtw-ss2014-details-043_163222884920 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-30_164003429788 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-32_164005625426 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-55_16402563894 dkny-rtw-ss2014-runway-51_164022892966 dvf-rtw-ss2014-ruwany-33_21153377021

Coming to Michael Kors who once again caught my attention with his gorgeous collection that have a mineral-colored palette, shades of grey, camel, brown, white, bleu-roi which give a fresh touch of nature to the runway. However, what made of each piece a statement is its shape; let it be cropped or pres du corps or mi-long vests worn over maxi-skirts, or short shorts.

michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-04_13234481391 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-06_132345537741 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-08_132347221907 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-12_132351150741 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-14_132352752583 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_132354542088 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-17_132355595845 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-38_132412669466 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-41_132415266068 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-47_13242019074 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-48_132421945923 michael-kors-rtw-ss2014-runway-52_132424186232

Ralph Lauren’s SS ’14 was spectacular as always, it contained outfits for every taste, and for any hour of the day; from chic outfits for the day to eye-catching gowns for the evening. An amazing palette of colors was shading the runway with orange, yellow, blue, red, green, and neutrals such as black and white. Moreover, in my opinion the collection had a sense of modern elements, yet a kind of eighties style with its tailors and A-line skirts. Moreover, RL revisits the gentleman look for women with ties, suits, shirts, but keeping it sexy and classy.

ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-52_14073726492-1 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-42_140728673291 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-47_140732991263 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-48_140733453099 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-51_14073634717 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-38_140725333143 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-33_140721286595 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-29_140717808728 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_140714511305 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-01_140652115782 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-02_140653687804 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-07_140658459013 ralph-lauren-rtw-ss2014-runway-13_140703777320

Before this fashion show, I was just a fan of Balenciaga and Alexander Wang’s handbags. However, Wang caught me off guard with his SS ’14 collection of which I truly loved each piece. The occurrence of cotton shirts gives the outfits an elegant impression that Wang decides to twist a bit towards sensual by opening the shirt (top) on the belly. I also loved the white gloves on which the designer wrote his name, they completed the perfect look by giving a kind of deja-vu silhouette, an extra touch.

alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-03_211605829839.jpg_gallery_thumbnail alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-04_211606720334 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-05_211607415291 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-11_211612172536 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-38_211633864941 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-22_21162019178 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_211616255132 alexander-wang-rtw-ss2014-runway-13_211613844131

As much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, I have to say that for once, I was expecting better coming from Calvin Klein. By better I mean more spectacular pieces, however the ones that caught my attention gave the impression of not being well cut and stitched. This detail gave the pieces a fashionable style. The different shades of green enlightened the monochrome runway. Among the monotone pieces I liked, their cut was also unusual which lifted the outfit out of the ordinary.

calvin-klein-rtw-ss2014-runway-07_171350156573 calvin-klein-rtw-ss2014-runway-08_171351491048 calvin-klein-rtw-ss2014-runway-11_171354937056 calvin-klein-rtw-ss2014-runway-29_171409354445 calvin-klein-rtw-ss2014-runway-34_17141494971

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS ’14 is filled with casual yet fashionable fragments that reflect exactly the brand’s style by revisiting a simple piece and making it a statement. Light blue silk suits enhanced the runway with a stylish touch as well as beige silk pants paired with a simple white tank top. Silk also made its way to a kind of sport-cheerleading outfit that impressed, also a black silk romper trimmed with silver stars. Sequins enlightened the runway as well, with their green-bluish color on an overall that also exists as a dress.

marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-45_190136419800 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_190120335295 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-28_190122732337 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-33_190126761082 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-40_190132307267 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-25_190120183949 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-24_190119705198 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-22_190117377249 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-14_190110498771 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-02_190100201102 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-05_190103382311 marc-by-marc-jacobs-rtw-ss2014-runway-09_190106586360

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