Now that summer is ending, I think it is time we talk about one of the greatest summer destinations- The South of France (SOF). From St. Tropez to the city of Monte Carlo, during the summer months these cities are crowded and full of energy. Each city along the coast offers a variety of activities and wonders to gawk at. For the glitz and glamorous, St. Tropez, Cannes, and Monte Carlo are the places to be.With their white beaches, huge yachts, and long strips of high end brand shopping, where else would the dazzling people of the world want to make their homes for the summer?

DSC00338La Croisette (Cannes)

With a nightlife that includes casinos and alluring night clubs packed with the best DJs from around the world, it is easy to say that the south of France is also known for their partying atmosphere. However, SOF isn’t only for the party goers and energetic spirits, there are many parts and towns on the cote that are calm and relaxing and with no doubt places to visit, such as Cap Ferrat.


Cap Ferrat Beach from the Royal Riviera Hotel

This town is mainly residential with a few gorgeous and relaxing resorts. Its crystal clear blue sea is absolutely breathtaking. Cap Ferrat is located between Monte Carlo and Nice, only 10 minutes from each. Moreover, Eze would be a destination we strongly encourage, it is a mountain between Cannes and Monaco, from which the view in incredible, and the little artisans you find while walking up that hill offer an intimate atmosphere that everyone would enjoy. Not to forget to mention the yummy restaurants you can find in Eze, most of which owned by families and for those who would be interested in investing for their taste, one of France’s most luxurious and 5 stars restaurant is located there, La Chevre D’Or.

chevre d'or

Finally, among the nice places to visit in the South of France is Antibes. Amazing pubs with incredible atmospheres are to be found there; it is really a great place to spend the night. There is also a really fun amusement center there where you can head to and challenge your friends in games before or after dinner or after having a drink if you don’t pass by during the afternoon. Also, next to this amusement center, is located a small “shop” that has excellent waffles and crepes (a little address we highly recommend).


Pam Pam, amazing place for cocktails and drinks in Antibes

Let’s not forget for all the foodies out there, there are many delectable and stylish restaurants all around. We aren’t going to go too detailed into it because there will be separate posts about certain restaurants later on.

Stay Sweet,
Chocolate and Vanilla