Contrary to what foreigners think of Lebanon and its citizens, we Lebanese have more of an artsy side than a terrorist one. Funny I have to mention that! In fact, every now and then, the world gets astonished by our talent and by our I mean Elie Saab, Georges Chakra, Robert Abi Nader, Reem Acra and the list goes on. To these big names I would like to add Gilbert Halaby, an artist with extravagant ideas for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I personally call his pieces “masterpieces” and each one of them has its special “Halaby” signature meaning it is special in its own unique way. The artist is also a handbags and clutches designer; following are some pictures to have a taste of the special interest I have in Halaby’s designs so get ready to get blown away. En route!


Amazing gold leaves necklace.


Fan-shaped gold bracelet with a caramel-colored stone.


Another gold bracelet with a Swarovski crystal stone.


Breathtaking “Cleopatra” necklace, black stones.


The gorgeous TV anchor Roula Mansour wearing the Cleopatra necklace.


The smaller Cleopatra version in red.


Dramatic earrings by Halaby with fushia Swraovski stones.


“Mega” clutch.


Halaby designs featured in Lady Gaga’s video Artpop, Applause.


Vogue Japan highlighting Halaby’s chef-d’oeuvre.

These pictures were just a preview of Halaby’s spectacular collection and pieces, the rest is for you to discover on his website: or at Le Loft 271 (Antelias).

Keep Sparkling!

Vanilla x