Mac and Cheese Balls

Located at the edge of the Zeitunay Bay is the St.Elmos Brasserie. This sail boat/sea inspired restaurant overlooks the port with beautiful Boats and yachts. Their menu is packed with delicious seafood and satisfying comfort food, from creative starters, appetizing meals, and scrumptious desserts. They have a specialty for each day of the week that you can find on their website (below). I shouldn’t forget to mention that they make incredible Sangrias; white, red, and rose, as well as spicy Bloody Marys.


The St.Elmos Burger

I personally, have never been to St.Elmos empty, there is always someone there and always a friendly fresh atmosphere. For family, friends, or couples, it is definitely somewhere to try at anytime of the day because they offer something for everyone.


My Favorite- The soft centered cookie! DELECTABLE!

For more information checkout the website:

Deliciously, Chocolate.