Throughout the years we have been used to accessorize our ankles, fingers, wrists, hands, necks and ears. However, nowadays, putting a touch of jewelry or flowers or any other accessory on our heads have become a huge hit. This new style gives you a hint of freshness if you are wearing a flowery-headband, or also a touch of style if you decide to add to your outfit a piece of jewelry on your head. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of this trend but I must admit, the first time I wore my gold headband that comes across my frown, I found it so easy not only to accessorize your look but also it gives you a great hairstyle without having to really do anything with your hair.


This original Aura headpiece can be worn as seen in the picture as well as in front of the face by letting the chains caress your frown and clipping the jewel to your side hair.


The gold chain figured in this picture is also Aura. This discrete yet eye-catching headpiece can be worn in two different ways; same way as in the picture or like a headband.



The “Lana Del Rey trend” of flowery-heapieces influenced most of us. This accessory gives a fresh and innocent look that I just love and goes on any hair color, blonds, brunettes, black hair, red hair and could also be worn with any hairstyle.

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Aura headpieces.

Flower headpieces are to be found at Overtherainbow boutique in Gemmayze Street (directly after Chez Paul).

Keep Sparkling,

Vanilla x