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Kampai! or cheers for those who do not speak Japenese. We all know that colors and tastes can’t  be discussed. However, I am pretty sure that most of us could agree on one restaurant’s food: Kampai. After having tasted almost all the japenese restaurants in town,  I definitely vote for Kampai to be the best ever born in Beirut. In fact, not only does Kampai serve great sushi and maki, but it also has delicious japenese dishes.

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A platter of deliciousness.

Among those dishes, people who are not big fans of this cuisine can find delightful platters at Kampai, such as beef teriyaki or chicken teriyaki with steamed rice.

Moreover, what I also love about this restaurant is the warm welcoming of the staff and the attention waiters pay to your needs, wants, and complaints (if you manage to find any ^^). Kampai not only satisfies the salty side of your palette but its sweet side as well.

This restaurant is reputed for its delectable cheesecake as well as its wonderful fondant au chocolat. I say that Kampai is a must try for those of you who still haven’t and an excellent address for tourists! Cheers!

Kampai is located in Beirut. Palladium building.
Keep sparkling,
Vanilla x