Balenciaga-classic grey

Classic Grey Bag

We’ve all been witnesses and/or victims of the huge wave caused by the Balenciaga “Classic” bag. Having it as a handbag or shoulder bag has both its benefits and style. Their shape is not the only reason why these bags created a colossal hit, but the colors they came in. The colors varied from pastels to funky metallic shades to classical tones like black, grey, and white.

Classic Pink Pastel Bag

The way the studs are placed doesn’t make it too much but on the contrary, gives them a touch of punk. The mix of the studs with these outstanding palettes make the bag the perfect accessory to any kind of outfit, whether it is casual with a t-shirt and jeans or chic with a cute little dress!

Blanciaga CampaignAlexander Wang for Balenciaga Campaign FW’13-14

Forwarding to FW’14, the new campaign of Alexander Wang for Balenciaga flaunts the Le Dix Bag. This bag is completely classic, and very sophisticated.  It is part of Alexander Wang’s collection for Balenciaga, which is very modern, sleek, and clean. This would turn any look chic, and make any women carrying it “lady like”. It is rough on the corner, which adds some edge to it. Comparing this to the easygoing “classic” bag of Balenciaga, they are complete opposites. Great to have Balenciaga strutting different styles of the bag spectrum.

Balanciaga-Le dixThe Le Dix Bag

All images are from the Balenciaga website:

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