I have an obsession with shoes, like all girls, but I have to admit that I have an even bigger obsession with hair braids- all types and all kinds of hair braids. Braids can be statements on their own, however they also could be worn in the wrong way; making a busy outfit look bad. They are worn best with simple outfits so they can stand out. There are a variety of braids, each different and unique; here are my favorites:

The Waterfall Braid


This braid is very creative and “flowy”. It has a fantasy aspect about it, that when you wear it, it kinda makes you feel like your in the lord of the rings, or like a pixie. It’s extremely feminine and a little difficult to do on your own.

The Fishtail Braid…With a Twist


Everyone knows the fishtail braid; it is beautiful and easy. In this case, I did the braid with a little 3 strand plaited crown around my head so that it would make it a bit different. The next two braids are built on the fishtail braid.

The Cage Braid


This is a new and unique braid, which could only be done with a ponytail. The braid really does look like a cage and is very delicate and fragile.

The Mermaid Braid


This is my favorite braid because it is so elegant yet whimsical, which refers to it’s name.

You can find many tutorials on Youtube.

Deliciously, Chocolate